Halex Fluorination and derivatives

Russian Commercial Pilot Plant to Tonnage

Our core stock products Hexafluorobenzene (CAS#392-56-3); Pentafluoropyridine (CAS#700-16-3) and 2,6-Diamino-3,5-difluoropyridine (CAS#247069-27-8) are made with novel Russian fluorine technologies and plant engineering in Halogenation with the handling and engineering capabilities focused on the high energetic and highly hazardous chemistry with reactions including halogen exchange fluorination (KF/HF), Catalytic Halogen Exchange, high pressure autoclave Amination, Nitration, Reduction, Hydrogenation and Dehalogenation.

Our range of commercial made fluorine chemicals can be found under our Fluorine Products. We are sourcing for our global clients very unique Russian Fluorine Chemical Manufacturers and offer our services as Strategic Russian Distribution for Synthesis, Research and Development for many Custom Manufactured Chemicals.

  • Pilot Plant 100 – 400L for the Handling high energetic HF reactions.
  • Total Fluorination Capacity in excess of 10,000 litre.
  • Reactors 60 to 1000 litre Stainless Steel, with distillation capacity, pressure vessels and high vacuum.
  • Temperature Ranges from -70oC to +300oC.
  • Gas Distillation Towers for High Purity Electronic Gases.
  • In-house Re-cycling of Iodine, Effluent and Waste Treatment plants
  • Modern Quality Control Labs Agilent, GC, HPLC, MS.

SRD Organics has successfully completed custom process transfers for scale-up to commercial manufacturing under confidential agreements with some of the largest international corporations, utilising the support of our Russian national colleague for Russian law, legislation, language and contract support working directly with the factories for audits in safety and environmental and for pharmaceuticals in supply critical intermediate for API.

  • C4H9F 2-Fluorobutane
  • CF3I Iodotrifluoromethane
  • C3F7I 2-Iodoperfluoropropane
  • (CH3)3SiH Trimethylsilane
  • CH6Si Methylsilane
  • B(CH3)3 Trimethylboran

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