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SRD Organics Ltd is an established research and development sourcing company located in Cramlington North-East of England. Our UK distribution operates as a key network and, utilising our specialist knowledge for imports from Russia and Far East by air and sea logistics of very hazardous cargo, we service export markets in Europe, Japan, Taiwan and USA covering sectors in life science, biotech, pharmaceutical and electronic applications from kilograms to tonnage.

Our UK distribution network is fully supported for re-packaging, with an analytical lab comprising Agilent 7890 GC, Methrohm Titrators, Karl Fischer (KF), Refractive Index (RI) and Melting Point with essential care of the product quality testing at each stage of our development program, leading into commercial production.

In addition, SRD Organics has a wealth of experience in sourcing pyridine compounds, and has access to hundreds of good quality products sourced globally for research applications. With our past knowledge in development of pyridine compounds back in the 1990’s and working with many small-scale manufacturers for the research and catalogue markets, our database has over 3000 single batch analytical records. Now spanning over 20 years, our compliance and strict quality operating practices for an independent quality control, ensures SRD Organics fully meets our customer’s highest expectations with custom specification and purification methods.

​We specialise in sourcing novel Fluorine products, with our experience spanning 30 years. Starting in the early 1990’s trading with a new modern generation of Russian Fluorine companies, we have now fully expanded our portfolio by working with Indian manufacturers offering sustainability whilst maintaining our social, ethical and environmental core principles adding a network of now long established business contacts we are able to offer chemistries silane, acetylene, bromine, chlorine handling hazardous reagents in examples PCl5, POBr3, H2SO4, SOCl2, NaNH2, NaNO2.

Now spanning over 20 years, our compliance and strict quality operating practices offer independent quality control, ensuring SRD Organics fully meets its customers’ highest expectations in custom specification, with extensive purification techniques and expansion into additional one step synthesis as part of the development of fluoropyridine molecules. Examples being in hydrolysis, diazotization and iodination prepared using a small bench scale development program as a cost-effective R&D as a reliable outsourcing process for scale-up batch.

Coupled with our global distribution business in dangerous goods and UK stocks of all our critical commercial feedstock of raw materials manufactured in Fluorine, Amine, Nitro-group; we offer our custom manufacturing partners a critical starting material delivered with exchange of analytical technologies and in impurity controls.

Our outsourced halogenations in fluorine offer handling and engineering capabilities focused on the higher energetic and highly hazardous chemistry, with reactions including halogen exchange fluorination (KF/HF), catalytic halogen exchange, low pressure amination (NH3 Aq.), nitration, halide reduction, hydrogenation and dehalogenation with patents on halex catalyst for optimised yields and reduced reaction pressure in exchange.

For further information regarding plant reactors and technologies of our commercial fluorine partners and to obtain full commercial product list please contact us below to discuss how we could support your next project


SRD Organics Manufacturing
SRD Organics Manufacturing
SRD Organics Manufacturing

​Director Scott Dallison

Telephone +44 1670 738911

Unit 59D, South Nelson Road,
South Nelson Industrial Estate,
Cramlington, Northumberland England, NE23 1WF

Company Registration No: 07866807